What we stand for

Committed to provide solutions for sustainable living

Impact statement

Lightweight design with Composites saves resources and reduces emissions. We believe this is essential to reach a net carbon neutral future, especially for mobility applications.
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Exploring the more sustainable

We do not claim to have the solution. But we are envisioning a better future and take bold steps to provide more sustainable solutions.

We constantly are exploring new ways to use recycled materials, reprocess productions waste and recycle our parts.
Thermoplastic composite; fiber reinforced thermoplastic (FRTP); Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) profiles The profieles can be made from rCF-PEEK, rCF-PAEK, rCF-PEKK, rCF-PPS, rCF-PA, rGF-PEEK, rGF-PAEK, rGF-PEKK, rGF-PPS, CF-PA Natural fibers like hemp, flax, wood Recycled composites Recycled carbon fiber composite profile Natural fiber composite profiles The profiles are ultralight and cost-effective and sustainable

“We have the biggest impact when the sustainable solution is the economical one and we supply it for serial applications.”

– herone GmbH –

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Resource saving products

Mobility is an essential human need. We need to move to connect to people and discover places. To move ourselfs, we move many times our weight. The more weight we move, the more negative the environmental impact is. That’s why we make parts ultralight.
For an AIRBUS A340-300 for example, every kilogram saved results in about 3 tons saved kerosene over the lifespan of 20 years*. That’s why we strive to make our parts ultralight.

*Source: A. Herrmann – Treibstoffeffizienz durch Leichtbautechnologie, Fuelling the Climate 2010

// circularity


Thermoplastics are recyclable. We design our parts with circularity in mind. If treated right, they can have multiple lives with retained performance and even enhanced design freedom.

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